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Following the uk model, Thee junior school takes puplis from 3 years to 11 years of age. The school is organised into three departments .

Foundation stage

This stage is the very beginning of formal school for most children and it is organised to allow them to grow physically, spiritually, spiritually and intellectually at their own pace, encouraged by caring and experienced staff who understand how new and sometimes challenging school can be.

Children can start in our nursery in the school year in which they are 4 years and move the following year into our reception class.

The curriculum includes the earliest stages of english speaking and listening skills with formal and informal lessons helping them to develop their communication skills .

Mathematics is taught through play and counting activities and singing games.

Knowledge and understanding of the world is an aspect used to help young children become aware of their suroundings and to become inquisitive about the world around them.

Spiritual and emotional development is important area as children learn ,often for the first time how living in large group means sharing time, equipment and space. self expression through play , art and music activities is a vital aspect of learning achieved in this stage.

Whilst "accidents" are expected to happen, we ask that children are toilet trained before they enter the nursery.


Key stage one

All key stage I class rooms are on the ground floor of the junior school and have interactive whiteboards and ICT system to help provide the visual stimulus so important for helping young children to learn, independence is encouraged and promoted with the class teacher and her assistant always on hand to give support.

Open communication between home and school encouraged and treated with confidentiality with the welfare of each child always the priority.

* The curriculum includes, literacy, numeracy, science and knowledge of the world .

* The broad areas of learning that take place in key stage I are:

* The development of communication skills through literacy – speaking, listening, writing, reading and information handling.

* The development of mathematical skills through numeracy – number, shape and space, measures, investigation and data handling.

* The development of environmental enquiry through science and geography.

* The development of physical skills through play and physical activities.

* The development of aesthetic and creative arts through music and art.

* The development of attitudes and values through citizenship , and religious studies.


Key stage two

The key stage 2 class rooms are on the upper floor of primary school and all spend time helping pupils develop their self-confidence so they are able to ask the appropriate questions and research information for themselves .

Independent learning is a major skill developed in ks2 in preparation for ks3.

All the learning and skills taught in key stage 1 are continued and developed in key stage 2 .

Homework becomes more detailed and forms a regular part of the learning process.

Class teaching gives the information and demonstrates the skills and the puplis then complete the task in their own time both in school and home.

The core subjects of arabic language, islamic studies, english writing, reading and speaking, mathematics and science are given the highest priority.

This leaves time for world history and geography, ICT, french, music, art and pe to be developed with the knowledge that all work is leading to a more detailed study in key stage 3 .




KG2D & KG1D having fun during a PE class…

Year 4A making

Year 4A making T-shirts for Thursday's…


KG2D are having a lesson in the play…

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